Organizer & Venue: Johanna Ho @PHVLO HATCH
Curator: Eunice Tsang
Life Drawing Session Host: Sing @Nudd
Date: 27 Mar - 4 Apr 2021

Interview from opening day

Kwai Bun's first art exhibition with Fashion Designer Johanna Ho, at PHVLO HATCH, Hong Kong. The exhibition lasted for 8 days and with 2 special life drawing session, which are the essence of Kwai Bun's work.
“100 hours of sadism” by Kwai Bun @kwai_bun represents partial collection from 100 hours of life drawing human subjects, spanned in 50 sessions of life drawing. His creations starts as soon as the subject starts posing, and stops as the subject stops. Afterwards no more drawing is allowed by himself because that's not "live" anymore. Hence retaining 100% authenticity of life drawing that he sacredly abides. 
Kwai commented, "Unlike illustration that is created by imagination, his works are "reaction to subject as a battle against time"". Each piece records thousands of second-to-second tight battle with affection, abandonment, mental dissection of the subject, and emotional footprints of himself. "I have no grandiose message to convey, no sarcasm to offer. I just dedicate my pure honesty to counter my intellect" He described. "That's why what you see on the paper are actually more naked than the naked subject. Each of my work has a life span that born at the subject's first pose, grows throughout the session, and matured at her/his last pose. That's all, the time the subject and I shared, unique and irreversible. And what you are looking at is the specimen of that sacred slice of time."
Kwai Bun is a visual artist, fashion technologist, and serial-entrepreneur.
IG: kwai_bun

Virtual 3D Tour of Exhibition

Life Drawing Session with Kwai Bun as one of the participants.

Event Photos
Hong Kong Actress: Moss Wu
Hong Kong Actress: Moss Wu
Hong Kong Actress: Belinda Yan
Hong Kong Actress: Belinda Yan
Hong Kong Actress: Charlie Lam; Hong Kong Singer: Lillian Ho
Hong Kong Actress: Charlie Lam; Hong Kong Singer: Lillian Ho

Core Team from Left to Right:

Vincent Chan, Kwai Bun, Hiroki Uchimoto, Johanna Ho

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