Since 2015, Kwai Bun started from his core artwork from 100+ hours of life drawing sessions, where he obsessively keep drawing life models, then obsessively collect analogue cameras, doing photography, attended 10+ courses in acting and other performing art, to gain freedom and counter-balance his other side of brain used for extreme logical thinking in 9 years of computer coding his own technology. 

"My art is the only way, almost an urge, to conquer my intellect."
"I'm a collector of some sorts, not just cameras but also collecting experience and other abstract things. It's the nature of the world: moments, encounters, people, are so beautiful, but gone by the next second. Sometimes you cannot seize them all, I have to collect them, by drawing, photography, etc. And the way to do it has to be honest and authentic. Hence in contrast to my mastery in digital skills, I prefer hand-drawn, and analogue photography. And I believe time is always the essence, the scarcity. My life drawing is a 2-hours battle and blessing, like a miniature of our tiny lives."

Kwai Bun, a multi-slash Hong Konger, traveled 53 cities, spoke in Tedx, lecturer in HK and UK universities, built a CGI company and a patented technology company without financial support, got numerous awards from his entrepreneurship, spent 9 years coding virtual avatar technology, ultimately defines himself having an artist's blood. He is the grandson of Chinese opera grandmaster: Kwai Ming Yeung.

Kwai Bun as a visual artist. 

( Photo taken on set on a Music Video production where Kwai Bun being an actor )

Kwai Bun as a Photographer

Kwai Bun as a Performer

Kwai Bun as a serial-entrepreneur.

Kwai Bun as father of his beloved Cat

Kwai Bun as a CG Animation Director

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